Album Pre-Order!

Album Pre-Order!


July 16th, 2014


Dear friends,

We are super pumped to announce the completion of our self titled album, Mansions On The Moon!

We’ve teamed up with PledgeMusic to offer you album pre-sales and exclusive merchandise available only on this site. Pledge helps cut our costs and we pass off the savings to you. (The dollar amount you see below on each item includes domestic shipping.)

When you order the digital album or any other package, you immediately get a download link to any single released so far AS-WELL-AS all future releases a day before they go public. The full album will be available to pledgers one week before it goes public.

Besides offering exclusive t-shirts and signed numbered first print CDs, we are really stoked to have up some unique experiences. Perhaps a music lesson via Skype with Ted? Handwritten lyrics to your favorite song? Your name in the thank you section of the album? All these can be yours. Give the exclusives a good look, there might be something special waiting for you.

Thank you for all your support.

Mansions On The Moon

PS – If we reach 200% of our Pledgemusic goal, we will release a thank you EP to all of you for free.


  1. Guy Wendler says:

    Where do I pre-order?

  2. Don’t Tell is amazing. PERFECT!

  3. I am SUPER stoked and want to be part of this historical moment!
    Love all of you MOTM musicians.. You make me want to get up and dance!

  4. thatleondude says:

    Hey guys,

    Before I say anything else: you’ve been making dope music since day 1!
    When’s the release due again? I think I saw 10/22 listed somewhere, but with your ever present summer sound/vibe, this new album could definitely end up being album of the summer.. Now’s the time!!

    Don’t Tell is the BOMB!

  5. Kevin Dinglasan says:

    I’ve been following your music for quite some time and I have to say I am pumped for the upcoming album! Keep doing what you’re doing; music like yours is one of a kind and it is true what was said in “Radio”: because you heard it on the radio | doesn’t make it beautiful

    It’s no wonder your music isn’t what would be considered mainstream 😀

    • MOTM says:

      Hey Kevin,

      We are pumped, too. This album has been a long time in the making. There may be another track being premiered in a couple of weeks so keep the look out for it.

      ~ Mansions

  6. Josh says:

    Super excited! Is there a vinyl option that I missed? Pre-ordering regardless.

    • MOTM says:

      Hey Josh, we’ve gotten a lot of requests for vinyl and it’s something that we might add into the pre-order. If not, hopefully we will have vinyl up for sale soon.

      ~ Jeff from MOTM

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