Mansions On The Music 3/11/15

Mansions On The Music 3/11/15


March 11th, 2015


Mansions On The Music Blog 3/11/2015 – Amason, White Denim, Lewis Taylor

Today marks the first ever “Mansions On The Music” blog post. Periodically, we want to share some of our favorite songs and artists with you. We hope you enjoy. – MOTM

Amason – “Went To War”

I heard this song while pulling into the garage and for the first time in a while I had to sit and finish the song before getting out of the car.  I was instantly drawn to the refreshing vocal melodies and phrasing.  Amason brought the heat from the snowy mountains of Sweden with their song: Went To War.

White Denim – “Place To Start”

I was at our good friend Nadim’s house the other day and came across the band, White Denim.  The one particular song I was freaking out about was “Place To Start”.  When I heard that shit, I was immediately transported into the backseat of my parents car.  It felt like growing up again.  I haven’t had the best week so far, so I’ve had the song on repeat and everything seems to brighten up.  :)
– Lane

Lewis Taylor – “Whoever”

Lewis Taylor’s efforts have been highly praised by giants such as D’Angelo and Elton John. “Whoever” from his 1996 self-titled album was my introduction to him, however it is not the best reflection of the album as a whole. The self-titled album is a desert island masterpiece that mixes Marvin Gaye soul, dissonant psychedelic rock, lush vocal arrangements, and noise. “Lewis Taylor” is the best ‘break up’ album I’ve ever heard.
– Jeff

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