Sights and Sounds Interview

Sights and Sounds Interview


December 10th, 2012


Los Angeles 4-piece group Mansions on the Moon like to have a good time. And they like to rock. And chill. And they’re pretty much just like any normal group of guys, except they’re ready to chill-rock the world. Mansions On The Moon’s music fuses diverse styles, sounds and influences from electronic music, hip-hop, indie rock, and pop; so don’t try nailing these guys’ sound down to one genre. Incorporating vocal harmonies, midi-based production and live acoustics, their live shows are a treat to the ear drums. The group has produced official remixes for Foster the People and Zee Avi, and produced the Mac Miller track “PA Nights” on the album Blue Slide Park. N.E.R.D.’s star producer, Chad Hugo, has even called the band, “the future of music.”

Recently they made a stop at Bottom Lounge in Chicago as part of their Koalapalooza tour, where The Sights and Sounds had the chance to catch up with them and chat about dirty socks, their upcoming album, and falcons with laser beams.

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